Diverse Revolutionary
Unitarian Universalist 
Multicultural Ministries

Welcome to DRUUMM!

Finding Our Way Home Gathering, Boston 2014 * Photo curtesy of Janice Marie Johnson

Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religious tradition,

 and DRUUMM is a welcoming spiritual and cultural home

 for People of Color.

DRUUMM is a Unitarian Universalist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural organization of people color, including: Lay Leaders, Ministers, Seminarians, Religious Educators, and UUA Staff. 

Since 1998, we strive to provide support and resources to our individual members, congregations, and denomination. 

We are led by a Steering Committee elected at our annual UUA General  Assembly.  We are supported exclusively by membership dues and donations. Being a 100% volunteer led organization, we dedicate our funding to provide scholarships for members to attend and actively participate in GA, regional conferences, leadership trainings, and local congregational events relevant to our mission.

Your financial contribution can make the difference in increasing the number of Unitarian Universalists Delegates of color with voting powers at the next General Assembly.  Your support can also provide resources and support to seminarians of color struggling with isolation and longing to feel a part of a wider community of faith. 

If you believe that our Unitarian Universalist denomination needs the presence and the voices of people of color in shaping our Beloved Community at all levels, please give generously. 

Thank you for your solidarity!

Rev. Maria Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa, President

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